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The legal element of selling or buying a property is regarded as a necessary evil, it’s expensive and it slows the transaction down. If you’re planning on buying or selling a property then you’ll need a property solicitor or a licensed conveyancer to help you. Choosing the right solicitor/conveyancer can be difficult, choosing the wrong one could cost you time and money; it could even cause the sale to fall through!

That’s where can help, with our online conveyancing comparison we can find you the best value for money conveyancing quote from our trusted panel of online conveyancers and property solicitors. The ConveyancingPro website is completely independent and we’re only after your best interests, all the Conveyancers we recommend have been reviewed and vetted by us to make sure they offer the very best service available.

Online Conveyancing Advice

We offer completely unbiased online conveyancing advice and guides to help you find the best value conveyancing service. Our advice could help you choose the right conveyancing solicitor, speed up your transaction and hold the deal together.

Conveyancer Reviews and Complaints

Not long ago we set up an online conveyancing review section to our website. It gathered a lot of attention from people trying to vent their anger at conveyancers. After receiving a few legal threats from the poorly rated conveyancing firms we’ve had to temporarily remove the review section… We’ll review the legalities and hopefully get it up and running again soon.

We do offer advice on how to complain about conveyancers/property solicitors. It’s also becoming increasingly common for conveyancers and property solicitors to be sued for professional negligence, but most conveyancing related complaints are simple misunderstandings (learn more at our conveyancing negligence page).

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Conveyancing?

Conveyancing is the word used to describe the legal work involved in buying or selling a property. The process is carried out by a legal professional or solicitor known as a conveyancer. For more info visit our What is Conveyancing? page.

What is Transfer of Equity?

A transfer of equity is when a property owner(s) are changed. So instead of a property being sold/bought, a title deed is simply changed. For example:

  • A married man want to add his wifes name as a property owner.
  • Two parents transfer the ownership of their property to their children.
  • A divorced or separated person wants to transfer a jointly owned property into their sole ownership.

If there isn’t a mortgage on the property and no money will be changing hands, then the legal process is very simple. A conveyancer or property solicitor will be able to handle your transfer of equity and get it done very quickly.

How much does Conveyancing cost?

The UK average cost of residential conveyancing is “approaching £850” according to But that doesn’t include the Land Registry Fee, Bank Transfer Fees, Disbursements, Search Fees and all other associated costs. For more info visit our Average Solicitor/Conveyancer Fees 2016 and our Beware of Hidden Costs in Conveyancing Quotes page.

Should I use an online conveyancing firm or find a local solicitor?

Online Conveyancing is certainly cheaper, but there are a number of factors that you should take into consideration. We compare both options to help you choose between a solicitor and an online conveyancer here: Online Conveyancing Vs Local Solicitor

Conveyancing Process for Buyers

We have a simplified guide for the conveyancing process for buyers, its brief step-by-step run through for purchasing a residential property.

Conveyancing Process for Sellers

We also have a simplified guide to conveyancing for sellers. We run through the conveyancing process step-by-step for residential property sales (residential).

Conveyancing Dr Harold
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