Top 10 Online Estate Agents UK

Top 10 best online Estate Agents

Here we review and compare online estate agents in the UK and give you our top 10! We compare the services they offer, the fees they charge and take a look at their customer reviews/satisfaction.

We are big supporters of ALL these online estate agents and believe that the traditional high-street estate agent is in big trouble. New homeowners are wisely choosing to save money and use cheaper online agents. You could SAVE THOUSANDS by paying an Online Estate Agent a fixed fee, rather than the traditional approach of charging a commission and percentage of your sale price (percentage fees can result in fees in excess of £5000).

First of all, let’s have a quick look at our Top 10 Online Estate Agent and their advertised prices:

  1. eMoov
    £895 (or £1995 Pay only when sold)
  2. – £99 (DIY package)
  3. Settled – £499
  4. – £695 (or £1,499 for ‘no sale no fee’)
  5. Esale – £595
  6. Griffin Residential – £295
  7. – £839
  8. – £495 (No sale, no fee – £995)
  9. – £849 (£1,199 in London and surrounding areas)
  10. – £999 no sale, no fee
Please Note: The prices and services displayed on this page may be inaccurate. Online Estate Agents change their prices and services regularly.
Important Note: Over 85% of prospective buyers use online portals (Rightmove, Zoopla, and PrimeLocation) to look for new properties. All the Estate Agents on this list use these online portals.

As you can see, and Griffin Residential are offering the cheapest prices online, but these online agents don’t offer the same services of the bigger agents like Settled and eMoov. The cheaper agents offer more of a DIY service that requires more work on your part.

Here’s our TOP 10 in some more detail:

1. eMoov – £895 (or £1995 Pay only when sold)

(London pricing : £995 for upfronts)

First place we have eMoov, they are the ‘best-rated estate agent among all 26,000 online and high street agencies in the UK’ (by real customers, They offer very simple and straightforward fixed price package from £895. Also you can you Pay Now or Pay Later on this fee, so you can defer the payment for up to 12 months in the form of an interest free loan. So you can settle the payment either on completion of sale or at the end of 12 months, whichever comes first.

They also offer a Pay Only When Sold product. So you’ll only pay if they sell your property. This is more expensive (£1995), but still much cheaper that the traditional high street estate agents that take a large percentage of the sale price.

We’ve placed eMoov as #1 because they have a good history of selling properties fast and for more money. Although they’re not the cheapest, with their premium listings, professional photography and other extras, on average they achieve £5,600 more on the sale price than other agents. So the initial cost is well worth it because on average sellers get their money back and then some.

They include a lot within that £859 and we think they’re worth every penny. Here’s their key features and selling points:

  • Include professional photography
  • Include a free floor plan
  • They review and qualify potential buyers (avoiding time wasters)
  • Brilliant viewing scheduling system with text notifications
  • Offer/price negotiation
  • Sellers achieve £5,600 more on average
  • Option to Pay Now or Pay Later
  • Fast Sales – eMoov sell homes faster than that UK average
  • Staff on hand throughout the whole process
  • Easy access to change listings online
  • 12 month listing


eMoov Free Valuation

eMoov negatives: As with most online estate agents, you’ll be conducting the viewings yourself. Personally, I’ve never valued an Estate Agents viewings service, they’re always difficult to schedule and don’t exactly offer anymore than if you where to show someone around a property yourself.

2. – £99

Selling on a budget? If you think your property won’t have any issues selling and have had it valued independently, then is for you. Ten years ago, who would have imagined that you could sell your house for less than a £100 without leaving your home? Now you can with

We love an underdog here at ConveyancingPro and we love Doorsteps, the new contender in the online estate agency market. They are quickly becoming well recognised and are one of the UK’s fastest growing online estate agents firms. And the reviews speak for themselves, they have an excellent 9.4/10 rating on TrustPilot from 196 reviews.

Although Doorsteps are still pretty small in comparison to the big online agents, they still offer a high level of communication online through the web chat service, 24-hour hotline and they even have ‘local’ agents (depending on where you live) that will keep in touch through phone, email and text.


Doorsteps Negatives: They are still pretty new and I’ve read reviews that mention small technical issues and communication issues. Another drawback is that the system is largely self-managed. Leaving all the work to the seller, but if you think that your property will sell easily without floor-plans and extra services offered by other online agents, then we highly recommend you save money with

3. Settled – £499

We’re big fans of Settled, their service almost identical to eMoov (Settled offer you one of those awful ‘for sale signs’).

With Settled, you have to write up your own advert and they’ll take care of the professional photographs and create a floorplan for your listing. Settled will help you with your property description and give advise on how to create the best advert. As with all these online agents, your advert is then listed on the leading property portals Rightmove and Zoopla.

Their sale package is a one off payment of £499 and there are no hidden commission fees or extras. This fee can be paid up front or after three months.

We like the Settled online selling hub, this is where you would manage your listing, managing viewings, receive feedback, review offers and gives you some good performance statistics. It’s very simple and easy to use.


Settled Negatives: The system is very self-managed and again the buyer and seller are left to do most of the work. Also, Settled do not provide a property valuation tool and require you to do your own research… it would be nice to have professional assistance with valuing your property, but it’s not hard to find out the value of your property elsewhere (see our Top 10 Property Valuation Tools).

4. – £695

We like, they offer a great ‘no sale no fee’ product and are the #1 rated online estate agent on Trust Pilot (if you trust TrustPilot estate agent reviews).

They boast to be the only online estate agents using Virtual Walkthrough. It’s really cool and futuristic service that allows buyer to go through remote viewings and virtual open days. It’s a bit of a gimmick and I think it’s only being offered to properties in London.

Standard package: £695 a one-off upfront fee for a 12 month listing.
No Sale No Fee package: £1499 only charged when the property sells.

With that price you get:

  • Professional photography
  • Professional floorplans
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Weekly reporting
  • Buyer management
  • Sales progression Negatives: They have a few chargeable extras, like they count sales negotiation as an extra you have to pay for. Again, they don’t offer a professional valuation and leave a lot of the work to you.

5. eSale – £595

The online estate agent that offers a money back guarantee. eSale boast a full money back guarantee, “if you are not satisfied, for any reason” within 30 days they will “give you a full refund. No questions, No fuss”. This adds to their local and friendly approach. They are a small company that rely on customer recommendation and word of mouths a good sign of a quality agent.

They offer all the same services other online agents like eMoov offer AND include Home Visits. They send around an ‘assessor’ to take photos, draw a floor plan, take room measurements and write a property description. They will also carry out an EPC if one has been ordered.

eSale have won a load of awards including the Corporate Live Wires “Most Outstanding Online Estate Agency Services” award in 2016 and they have been the second best-rated estate agent on Trust Pilot in 2016 & 2017 ( being number 1).

Standard Package: – £595 upfront option with unique money back guarantee
NO SALE, NO FEE option: – £1195 on completion


Esale Negatives: They offer limited 24/7 online support. Because they have a more traditional and personal approach, you can contact them during their open office hours: 9am – 8pm Monday to Friday, 9am – 5pm Saturday and 11am – 4pm Sunday. This will likely change as the business grows.

6. Griffin Residential – £295

Another underdog, the low priced Griffin Residential. They’re small and their online system isn’t as good as the bigger online agents, but they’re a hell of a lot cheaper and they offer a Pay On Completion package.

Gold package – £295
Gold+ package – £595 ON COMPLETION

Because Griffin Residential are not a very large company, it’s hard to judge how good their service is as there aren’t many reviews written about them. But they do offer all the services you’d expect from an online agent (with 12 month property listing on Rightmove, Zoopla, & Prime Location being the most important one). You also easily tailor your package with convenient optional add-ons like including a Energy performance certificate (EPC).

Griffin Residential

Griffin Residential Negatives: They offer a Discount Conveyancing package. This sounds great, but you may find yourself paying over a lot more than you have to on legal fees than if you compared and chose you own Conveyancing Solicitor. If you choose their pay on completion package, you will have to use their chosen conveyancer.

7. YOPA – £839

YOPA are lower on the list, not because they have a stupid name but because they are more expensive. They offer a fixed rate of £839 and certain areas in London have to pay more with a fee of £1,399. They do offer a pay later finance option too.

With this price you get a local agent, online listings, floor plan, written description, photographs, access to their seller dashboard (to edit your ads) and of course an ugly sale sign.

YOPA also offer optional extras that you’ll have to pay for like a Viewings Package for £300 (YOPA agent hosts property viewings for you, EPC package for £85 and Premium Listings for £75.

YOPA Negatives: Their pay later finance option is a separate agreement with a credit agency… not something I’d be happy with.


8. – £495

HouseSimple are one of the most popular online estate agents in the UK and have helped over 16,000 people move house. They’ve won many awards and are known to be prompt and efficient, providing sellers with a quick and stress-free turnaround.

As with all our recommended online agents, HouseSimple charges far less than high street estate agents and can sell properties nationwide. You’ll get the same basic service of a property valuation, home visit, professional photography and floor plan.

They list your property on the big three property websites Rightmove, Zoopla and PrimeLocation. But they also list properties on a large number of other less know and less used websites like Globrix, Gumtree, HotProperty and a few others. They also advertise their properties in Newspapers and other Media advertising. Rightmove, Zoopla and PrimeLocation cover over 85% of the market, so these other websites and media listings are not relevant (in my opinion).


9. – £849 (£1,199 in London and surrounding areas)

You might of heard of Purple Bricks as they seem to spend the most money on advertising. Purple Bricks offer a ‘hybrid model’ of online estate agency. You’ll receive a personal valuation from your own Local Property Expert that visits your property, they’ll be with you throughout the whole sales process giving an old fashioned personalised service… that’s the idea anyway.

Purple Bricks is the market leader in the hybrid online estate agents sector. They save sellers a lot of money and we have rated them higher in the past, but as the competition has improved Purplebricks have moved down our list. We still think that they offer a brilliant service and we highly recommend them, but you can save more money with the agents above.

Purple Bricks

Purple Bricks Negatives: They’ll recommend that you use their trusted conveyancing service. Some sellers have had issues with the terms of the Pay Later option. “If you decide not to take advantage of the conveyancing services at any time, having chosen to defer the cost of our fees, you will be required to pay an additional fee of £299.00 plus VAT when your property sells.”

10. – £999 (no sale no fee) are another good online agent. They have changed the way they price themselves, they used to offer similar packages to the other agents above but now only offer a No Sale, No Fee. This means you can start selling your home today with no up-front cost, and nothing to pay until you sell.

With that cost they offer all the services you’ll need, Valuation, Photographs, Floor Plan, Online Listings and Marketing.

They also offer to provide solicitors services at no extra cost IF they don’t sell your house in 6 weeks. Legal fees can be up to £800-£1000, so this offer seems suspicious to us. We couldn’t find the terms and conditions of this offer so we’ll contact and get more details on this offer.

Honourable Mention: – £495 (+£200) were one of the most expensive online agents, but due to stiff competition they have lowered their prices. They’re another hybrid agent that offers a traditional ‘No sale, no fee’ option for £1,695 on completion.

The big negative for is the £200 extra you’ll have to pay if you choose not to use their conveyancing. So you’ll be tied in with their legal fees.

Also, compared to the other Estate Agents, they have a low 8.1/10 rating on TrustPilot. On TrustPilot you’ll find a large number of scathing reviews. We still think Hatched offer a great service and are better than using a traditional high street agent.


Local Online Agents

There are also many more localised online agents to choose from that might be better suited for your needs. For example, if you’re selling a unique property like farm land, listed building or a very large commercial property, you’ll require an in depth valuation and specialist sales approach. In these circumstances a standard online agent is NOT recommended.

So there’s our list of the UK’s Top 10 Online Estate Agents! Have I missed something? You know a good Online Estate Agents missing from this list? Let me know in the comment section below!

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