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The TA6 Form (Seller’s Property Information Form)

The TA6 Form (Seller’s Property Information Form) is a general questionnaire for property sellers.

This form must be completed by an individual or company when selling a residential property.

Using this form the seller will provide as much information as possible to the buyer.

The TA6 form requires a seller to disclose information on matters such as disputes, alterations to the property, planning consents, property insurance, flooding, parking and energy efficiency, to name but a few.

Helpful Notes

It contains around 16 pages of questions. Some sellers can get stuck on a few questions and might not be sure how to answer them.

That’s why the good old Law Society have published notes for the TA6 to help individual sellers understand the questions and the information they need to provide. These notes have good advice and should help you give the right answers. (Click here to see these notes)

These helpful notes are used and recommended by conveyancers to ensure the seller gives the right information.

Most of the time, sellers will fill out the TA6 Form without any complications. But if there are any issues with the questions, the seller can now refer to the helpful explanatory notes provided by The Law Society.

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