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Do I need to use a local conveyancer?

No. You do not need to use a local conveyancer.

The conveyancing process is uniform throughout all England and Wales, conveyancers will act for anyone local or not.

Should I use a local conveyancer?

Ok, so you don’t have to use a local conveyancer, but some people suggest that the best option (for conveyancing) is the old fashioned local solicitor.

We believe the idea that local means better quality is nonsense and being able to visit the office isn’t a big advantage in 2016. The majority of UK conveyancers rarely see their clients face-to-face. These days, conveyancing is done over the phone and through email and post. Most local conveyancers never actually see or speak to their clients either.

Location to the side, you should use different criteria to choose the right conveyancer/solicitor for you:

  • What’s the price? Make sure you shop around, local solicitors are normally far more expensive.
  • Are they specialised in conveyancing? Some solicitors may not be specialised conveyancers.
  • Do they offer a good service? Check online reviews and look for service awards.
  • Is it a small company? Small businesses might struggle with sickness and holiday cover.

For a more in depth comparison of online conveyancers vs local solicitors visit our online vs local solicitor article.

My estate agent recommended a local conveyancing solicitor

Most buyers and sellers will simply use their estate agents ‘recommend’ conveyancer. We recommend that you ignore their recommendation.

Estate agents receive money from the conveyancers for each client they pass on. So they’re not looking after your interest, they’re just out to make more money. The quality of these ‘recommended’ conveyancers might be poor and they’re normally expensive. For more info visit: Should I use my Estate Agent’s recommended Conveyancer?

Choosing the right conveyancer is important, the property transaction you’re trusting them with might just be the biggest purchase/sale you’ll ever do. So make sure you shop around and find the best one.

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Conveyancing Dr Harold
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